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Praise for the new edition of James Baldwin’s LITTLE MAN, LITTLE MAN, co-edited by Nicholas Boggs:

“. . . it could scarcely be more timely. It’s arriving at a moment when children’s book authors and publishers are more frequently placing black and brown children at the center of narratives about everyday life, often taking on charged social issues like mass shootings, addiction and police violence against African-American youth.” – Alexandra Alter, The New York Times. Read the full review.

“Pulled from the past, this is a brilliant exploration of black childhood with profound emotional depth, drawn from the grace and struggles of community and reinforcing the truth that no one knows Harlem like Baldwin.” – Kirkus Reviews

“A vivid perspective that is both moving and enriching . . . It is a story of childhood, from a particular time and place, captured in colloquial language that is freighted at once with innocence, pain and tenderness.” – Meghan Cox Gurdon, The Wall Street Journal

“A book to study and discuss at length. . . . The story’s profound depth stems from the implication that childhood innocence is a myth. Baldwin implies, as he does in his other work, that claiming innocence to racism (by adults and children alike) is a poor excuse for avoiding the difficult work required to grapple with it. Baldwin’s story of childhood forces the reader to grapple.” – Jenny Gapp, School Library Connection

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Nicholas Boggs is currently at work on BALDWIN IN LOVE, a literary biography forthcoming from Farrar, Straus and Giroux.